The Wandering Monk Blog is a companion site to the Wandering Monk Rolemaster Forums. The main focus of this blog will be to accomodate longer posts or posts with more depth or detail than are covered by the forums.

My name is Erik Youngren and I am the webmaster here for the forums and the blog. Erik Youngren I got started in rolepaying in 1983 with the basic D&D Redbox set. In 1986 I started seven years straight of gaming in the MechWarrior universe. In 1992, I retured to Dungeons and Dragons as a player in a 2nd Edition AD&D campaign. I started my own campaign later that year. In early 1994 I switched to Rolemaster 2nd Edition and have stayed there ever since. Occasionally, I play other games and genres. MechWarrior and ShadowRun being my favorites.

I’m married, with two kids, live in Phoenix Arizona and work as a Graphic Designer for Pueblo Publishers, Inc. in Glendale.

You can contact me at thekeeper@rm2e.net.

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